Removing a Trust Holder in a Minneapolis Trust

Removing someone preemptively with a Minneapolis Trust can be difficult. One of the grounds for removing a Minneapolis Trust is where hostility or lack of cooperation among the Co-Trustees impairs the Trust administration. How often do Co-Trustees engage in hostility? All the time! Just look to Minnesota’s most famous estate dispute in our state’s history! […]

What to do with your Home: Joint Ownership or Revocable Trust?

When leaving a home to your children, you can avoid probate by using either joint ownership or a revocable trust, but which is the better method?   If you add your child as a joint tenant on your house, you will each have an equal ownership interest in the property. If one joint tenant dies, […]

Five Commons Ways to Avoid Minnesota Probate

Avoiding Minnesota Probate is essential for both coping with the loss of a loved one and protecting assets. When a loved one passes away, beyond the feelings of grief or loss of companionship, most family members admittedly start thinking about what they will inherit from the decedent’s estate. There is nothing wrong with this curiosity. […]

10 Tips for Writing a Will and Forming a Trust

Will and Trust as Part of Your Greater Estate Plan Broadly defined, estate planning is the process by which someone decides how his assets are to be passed on to others at his death. Estate planning has two general objectives: to ensure that the assets are transferred according to the owner’s wishes and to minimize state and […]

The Iceberg: the True Cost of Litigation Versus Arbitration

Icebergs, scientists tell us, have three fifths of their mass below the surface of the ocean.  Icebergs are an apt analogy for the cost of litigation. Often, what a client sees or projects as the cost of litigation is dwarfed by the unseen costs. Attorney’s fees are but a portion of litigation costs. Expert fees, document preparation […]