Minnesota Bankruptcy Wage Garnishment

Minnesota Bankruptcy Wage Garnishment Can my wages be garnished if I file for bankruptcy? It is devastating to a family when a wage garnishment is taking money out of your household unexpectedly. Creditors can garnish up to 25% of your income!  As soon as your bankruptcy is filed, the wage garnishment must stop immediately and your debts can be discharged. […]

6 Tips when Dealing with Minneapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Minneapolis Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing bankruptcy requires carefully planning with qualified and experienced Minneapolis chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys to avoid making common mistakes.Many clients have had a hard time in this economy and bankruptcy provides them much needed relief. It is gratifying to help them obtain this relief. I also believe it is much better […]

Collaborative Marriage Dissolution

When a Marriage Ends, it’s incredibly difficult. Collaborative solutions are important. One of the toughest, and saddest, things to accept in any failed marriage is the culpability of both parties in the breakup of the family. Our firm represents both men and women, Plaintiffs and Defendants. We represent all sorts of people. Always, always, there […]