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    As more and more couples choose to delay having children, and alternative families become more common, the need for a Minneapolis adoption attorney familiar with laws concerning adoption has become a necessity. The laws in Minnesota governing adoption are rapidly evolving, and the legal issues parents face can be even more comple than the emotional ones.

    Landwehr Law has a definite appreciation for the emotional and legal issues faced by prospective parents. Ted and his team are able to assist clients in preparing and reviewing adoption agreements, as well as advising them on medical privacy, insurance coverage, and other legal issues that frequently arise during the adoption process.

    Let Landwehr Law help you with the following services:

    • Step parent adoption
    • Private adoption
    • International adoption
    • Agency adoption
    • Foster care adoption
    • Adult adoption
    • Second parent adoption

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    Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or you are hoping to expand your family, Landwehr Law can provide you with an accurate overview of the process, specific information about adoption in Minnesota and answer any questions you need answered. Trust us as your Minneapolis adoption attorney. Contact Landwehr Law today.

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