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Contract Law

Handling All Forms of Business Contracts

Landwehr Law offers business owners, partnerships, corporations, and individuals dedicated legal representation and counsel to assist with resolving contract disputes and other legal issues. When an employee, vendor, competitor or another party fails to uphold terms of a contract, honest and effective legal counsel is required. Landwehr Law can assist clients with many different legal issues, such as the following:

  • Contract Concerns
  • Contract Breaches
  • Business Disputes Involving Partnerships or Shareholders

These matters are vital to the survival of your business, and the potential damage that could result when a contract is breached can be frightening. Ensure that you have a contract attorney who is familiar with contractual legal matters and has a thorough knowledge of the business environment. Ted Landwehr has gained a reputation for excellent legal work in corporate contract disputes and other areas of business law.


Avoid Litigation. Use a Trusted Contract Attorney

Any contract dispute can be extremely costly, both in time and money. Business owners can face a total loss when a vital contract is compromised. Landwehr Law can assist you in getting these matters resolved in a trustworthy fashion. The first and most critical step is to have your legal matter reviewed. At Landwehr Law, Ted and his team have a great deal of insight into all aspects of business law and can road map the best strategy to assist you. In many cases, it is more cost and time-effective to engage in alternative dispute resolution to handle these matters. That is what Landwehr Law prides itself on. 

It’s much easier and far less expensive to do things right at the start than to try to fix a mistake down the road. Given the small and affordable nature of Landwehr Law Office’s services, we make it easy to get started. After all, with all the business regulations out there, it’s easy to make a mistake. Help ensure the success of your business; contact Landwehr Law Offices today!