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    Navigating an Ending is Hard. Landwehr Law is Here for You.

    Marriage dissolution and custody is incredibly difficult. If you had the choice, how would you want to navigate your divorce or family struggle? Landwehr Law leverages its 20+ years of experience as a Minneapolis family law attorney to make the transition as bearable as possible for all parties involved.

    The Landwehr Law divorce attorney believes in road mapping a sophisticated strategy to solving tough cases. Unnecessary legal battles accomplish so little, but cause so much harm. Skillful negotiation and research about your case – be it a marriage dissolution or custody dispute – will lead to a resolution more cost effectively and with better results. At Landwehr Law, managing such a hard situation works out better than just fighting about it.

    Landwehr Law sees a trial as the last resort, not the first. Ted and his team provide specialized Minneapolis family law services as follows:

    • Child custody
    • Visitation
    • Child support
    • Spousal support
    • Distribution of property
    • Allocation of debt & assets

    As a Minneapolis Family Law Attorney, There is a Responsibility

    When disputes and concerns within your family end up involving the law, you shouldn’t have to feel uncertain, vulnerable and intimidated by an unfamiliar legal process. Contact Landwehr law for a responsible, honest, consultative process that will make this situation into the best it can be.

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