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    If you are struggling financially and looking to speak with a Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney, Landwehr Law would love to assist you through this hard time. Mounting debts, imminent foreclosure and harassing phone calls from creditors can be incredibly difficult. You need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to give you the best guidance. Being a trusted Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney since 1993, Landwehr Law Office is happy to discuss your financial situation to determine the best strategy in getting you back on your feet.

    Many clients have had a hard time in this economy and bankruptcy provides them much needed relief. It is gratifying to help them obtain this relief. I also believe it is much better to prevent legal problems from occurring then trying to solve legal problems after they have occurred. Careful and strategic estate planning provides this type of invaluable service.

    Landwehr Law will represent your interests in court while developing a thorough road map of your rights and options. The goal is to avoid traumatic court experiences and guide you to comfort. Ted and his team are here to help bring you from your current financial situation towards a bright future that is debt free, and assist you in avoiding a similar situation again. To begin this process, call Landwehr Law today. Let Ted help you know where you stand, show you your options to move forward, and elaborate on how Landwehr Law can help you overcome your financial difficulties.

    There is a common misconception that hiring an attorney may place you under an additional financial burden. The truth is that filing for bankruptcy is not a straightforward process. Many people have actually lost assets through mistakes or representation by inexperienced lawyers who put them in a worse financial situation than when they started. Getting the right representation means that you are getting the best, most experienced and knowledgeable attorney available to you to handle your interests so you can ease your debt and rediscover peace of mind.

    Trusting a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney is the First Step

    When you call Landwehr Law, Ted and his team will navigate your financial documents, including your mortgage payments, car loan payments, and assets, and develop a comprehensive plan for your current financial struggles. There are alternatives to bankruptcy that can work for you. In other cases, the solution may be bankruptcy. Placing your faith in an experienced, dedicated Minneapolis Bankruptcy attorney gives you a path to success. Let Landwehr Law help you today.

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